Harrison specialises in delivering exciting, emotional and evocative sounds for film and TV. He has a particular interest in aiding character development and audience immersion through the use of affective sound, a topic he is currently researching as part of a PhD programme at Manchester Metropolitan University. With industry standard training and equipment, as well as a precise ear for detail, Harrison is a professional and methodical Sound Editor.

As a PhD candidate, Harrison is at the cutting edge of technique and technology in the Sound world, leasing with award winning sound designers and mixers to drive his research forward to deliver useable tools and groundbreaking technique for film professionals.

Mixing unit 1.png



Sound Devices mixer/recorders

TASCAM handheld recorders

LOM, RØDE, Sennheiser and AKG microphones

Rycote, RØDE and Bubblebee wind protection and microphone mounting systems

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro monitoring headphones

ORCA sound bags and harnesses

Specialist hydrophones and contact microphones


Focusrite audio interfacing

Tannoy monitors

Mac computers

Arturia, Korg and other mixers/controllers

Fender, Gibson and LAG guitars

Roland, Waldorf, and Korg synthesisers and drum machines

Custom built modular synthesisers

Fender, Blackstar and custom built amplifiers

DBX compressors

TC electronic and Alesis effects processing units

Evans vintage analogue delay unit

Custom built effects processors


AVID Pro Tools

Logic Pro X


Pure Data

Wave Agent



Adobe Premier, Audition and After Effects

Custom made audio software