Impactful, emotional Sound

The sound for your project is just as important and expressive as the image. Careful and considered sound editing is the key to creating the world your characters live in, giving impact to your documentary, expression to your animation, or drawing attention to your advertisement. with over six years of Sound Editing experience with independent filmmakers and professional organisations, Harrison is well suited to bringing a professional sound edit to your project.

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Your film, whether for cinema, TV or web, creates a world for the viewer to escape to, observe and live in for its duration. Harrison understands that this is the most effective way of engaging with an audience is to make them believe in this world, through the marriage of image and sound.

As an advocate of pre-production stage sound design, Harrison is passionate about aiding the production from the beginning, working with the Director and Cinematographer in a collaborative process to create a cohesive and believable story. Begin at the storyboarding process and trade ideas, evolve the design, and create a world worth sharing.



meaningful sound for your project

With a background in researching affective audio design, Harrison is a specialist in creating emotionally impactful sound for visual projects. Taking an approach aimed at enhancing the emotional response of the audience, and their immersive experience.

Harrison has worked with Academy Award® winning sound designers during his PhD research. Working with these sound designers afforded Harrison the chance to experiment with ambiences and sound beds and look into how they can bring further dimensionality to a scene or on-screen location, further building a world and making more immersive and believable. Harrison's sound editing sessions usually start with creating the sonic world that your characters reside in and building it up with a clear plan of how it should feel for the audience